Website Break-Fix Services

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Website Break-Fix

Okay so, even if the speed of loading (less than 2 seconds) becomes a crucial factor in ranking your website higher for SEO then just imagine what calamity will fall if your website crashes for more than 2 seconds.
Yep, it’s a nightmare! And it is definitely a NO-NO for your online business.
Fortunately, we are a team of service providers that foresees such a day.

We have a specialized team that is skillful wizards in damage control and are fully equipped to get your business back on its feet.



Captchas! Yes, the reasons you are told to enter captchas are to prevent bots, let alone coming in, but from coming anywhere near a website.

Bots are like bugs on the internet that swarms around with virus software in search of a host website, to infiltrate and break them.

Other than bots, even actual humans can cause viruses by trying to get into your website maliciously.

How Do We Fix It?

– We come with the safest and effectively tested software developments to update your website software.

– Our team ensures that all unauthorized plugins that mostly will carry viruses are deleted now and then before they can manifest themselves to your website.

– Our services will configure the access rights to your website files. This will help to determine who can look, write and edit the notes.

-In all, there will be nothing left for you to worry about your website catching the virus flu.


Yeah, I know, plugins and extensions are great but hey that doesn’t mean they cannot break your website, right? I mean, even in the machine world they are all not made perfect by their creator.

If they are not customized very well with updates or are not very much stable then chances are that your website may burn out and crash.

How Do We Fix It?

– Before any plugins are downloaded or updated, our developers will ascertain the effectiveness, sustainability and productivity of the software. This will keep your website ensured of no future threats from the plugin errors.


Website crashes due to code errors are a common causation in the internet world.

This often happens when you or someone else muddles with something while updating the website or doing maintenance. So, in case your website crashed post some maintenance job then the reason is possibly a code error.

How Do We Fix It?

– This is one of the reasons we only have or co-ordinate with professionals who have in depth knowledge and experience in software development and maintenance.

– With experts in station at our company, we are able to assure you that all the services we provide and establish in your website are authentic and intelligible.

– No more tensions about doing any servicing by you or hiring others when you have us to best serve you and your website.


As noted earlier ‘no one is made perfect’ applies well enough to your web hosting service providers too.

And this is something that you have nothing to do about but to just wait patiently and calmly for your web host to fix the problem from their end.

Usually all the reasons that you face individually in your website crashes also apply to the web hosting service providers. Issues like maintenance errors, viruses, code errors, etc.

How Do We Fix It?

– All our services and maintenances at the company are dealt with by experts in the field so an unlikely scenario for any fault to occur when everything is kept in check 24/7.

– We are equipped with alternate system backups, constant maintenance checks, electrification backups, quality tools, efficient temperature maintenance, 24/7 expert assistance, quality management, backup storage for your data, etc.

– Just in case if at all errors arise, we guarantee that the systems will be back in place in a matter of seconds.


Don’t get fooled by the size of it. Yes, it may be about 5 words and doesn’t pop in your head to be the reason for a website crash. But oh yes, it sure does cause websites to crash too.

This is because your domain names (website name) unfortunately do expire.

And when it does expire then yep your website goes offline and ceases to exist on the internet, thereby, crashing your palace of contents.

How Do We Fix It?

– To prevent this error from occurring at all, we keep a constant check on the expiration of your domain name.

– When it is about time to expire, we will send you reminders and make sure that your website has its domain name renewed. That way you will not have problems with website crashes at untimely hours in between your work.


Definitely, it’s cool to imagine yourself being the greatest hacker and all but unfortunately you may not be here outside your wonderful head. Sorry buddy.

Right, so there are different kinds of hacker attacks existing and each does their own way of damaging to websites that the hacker targets.

If and when the hacker gains access to your website successfully then your website also crashes.

How Do We Fix It?

– Your security network will be tightened and made invulnerable to spam infiltrations.

– We constantly keep your site and files updated.

– The access control is toughened.

– Web applications firewall installation and usage of SSL to streamline all the information that documents itself and made accessible through your server and data connection.


This type of error causes a website to crash because you have not updated your website since its inception, or perhaps due to a sudden growth of your website.

Anyways, the point is that if your website grows high steadily then so should your hosting plan also grow to keep up with the needs of a website with larger demands.

How Do We Fix It?

– There will not be a chance for your website to crash because of a hosting error as we keep a tab on your progress to ensure that we serve your website with full attention.

– If and when should your website be successful and too demanding, our specialists and analysts will send you statistical reports to help you better understand the bigger services that will be needed for your website maintenance.

– Or you can feel free to scan by yourself the successes of your website and select a plan that suits you and your website the best.


Now, this error is a sort of good news for you as it means that a lot of people are trying to reach out to your space. But unfortunately, it isn’t so for your website.

The heavy traffic coming in at one shot suddenly to your website results in crashing your website.

How Do We Fix It?

We await such traffic situations for your website (in a good way, of course).

But in such sudden traffic situations, we are readily equipped to provide for you a server that can handle the given circumstances efficiently.

Now both of us can sit back, take a sip and enjoy the traffic at your road.

Some of the main common stuffs that causes your website to crash/break and how we can fix it for you have been summarized

Great Design

We LOVE building unique and stunning websites. We may be developers, but we’re also designers at heart.

Great Value

Some agencies outsource their development, that can sometimes double the cost! We use our own in-house developers for our websites efficiently providing you the same if not better results at a fraction of the cost.

Great Performance

No matter if your a sales professional wondering about the conversion rate or the IT guy worried about loading speeds and proper SEO we’ve got you covered! All of the sites that we build use the latest and greatest technologies available. You won’t have to worry about having to replace your website a few months down the road.

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